In the year of 2015

a web developer named Tom

was rebuilding his website

in the style of the greatest

videogame of the 8-bit era...

Mega Man 2

I've written a bit more about this later on, but now that's over and done with, welcome to my portfolio site.

I've been a web developer professionally now for close to 6 years and have been coding as a hobby for as long as I can remember. It's my aim in life to make the internet more fun, so why not get in touch and see what I can do for you?

Tom Hackett Class: Senior Web Developer Level: 28
  • STR: 6
  • DEX: 9
  • VIT: 7
  • INT: 10
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator



Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to hire me for some work, or have any questions.

So what's it all about then?

A rebuild of my website has long been on the cards, but it's always been shifted down to the bottom of the pile for other projects. But I thought that the time had finally come that I couldn't put it off any longer, and I wanted to try something new out and have fun with it.

My original idea was based on Street Fighter 2 and would have consisted of the world map from the level select screen, with different portfolio items represented by the different characters from the game. This was a super early concept and when I realised the amount of sprite work I'd have to do to make it, I quickly dropped the idea.

Cut forward a few months and I was playing Mega Man 2 with my friend on the Wii U Virtual Console and I was sat staring at the level select screen when it hit me that it was the perfect layout for a portfolio. Also fitting that it was for a console with an 8-bit core processing unit...

Mega Man 2 is a platform game created by the mighty Capcom for the NES. The first game in the series wasn't considered a success due to poor sales, but the team were given a chance to make a sequel that would go on to be the best selling title in the series to date. And I personally think it's one of the finest video games ever created, and so this site was born.

Thanks for reading my little nerdy rambling, now go play some video games.